Social and Economic Justice

  • Photo: Until Debt Tear Us Apart by Nedžad Isić - License: All rights reserved

Photo: Until Debt Tear Us Apart by Nedžad Isić - License: All rights reserved

Substantive democratic governance practices are rooted in fair and equitable economic arrangements. Social justice, more broadly, is intrinsic to the regional agenda the FES advances through its respective offices and individual projects. In close cooperation with  sister offices, Dialogue SOE organizes platforms and provides comparative analysis on regional economic and social policies with a view to assessing their societal impact and formulating recommendations towards more fair, sustainable, and participatory policy making. Our recently published regional youth studies demonstrate the kinds of intersections of economic, social, and political justice which inform our advocacy efforts.

Economics and Social Democracy


Inequality in the Western Balkans - An Impediment for Joining the EU?

On May 16th, on the fringes of the EU Western Balkans Summit in Sofia, the FES organized an event titled "Inequality in the Western Balkans – An...

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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and RYCO Present Results of Major Regional Youth Survey

On the occasion of the Western Balkans Youth Conference “Active Citizens” that will be held in Prishtina on 26-27 March 2018, the...

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Towards a Renewal of the Left in Southeast Europe

During November 16-18th, after almost two years in the making, the Democratic Left in Southeast Europe, a platform activists from all over Southeast...

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Greece: On a New “Mission Impossible”?

Greece’s formal graduation from the 3rd financial assistance program, on 20 August 2018, concluded an arduous and dramatic ...

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Political Trends and Dynamics: Inequality in Southeast Europe

The region of Southeast Europe (SEE) has been faced with exceptionally challenging social, economic and political transformations in recent decades....

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The Transformation of Organised Labour: Mobilising Power Resources to Confront 21st Century Capitalism

At the beginning of the 21st century, organised labour is facing new challenges as profound changes in the world of labour have taken place. Major...

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