Youth Study SEE 2018/2019 Presentation: Tirana

On 11th of December, FES Tirana organized a discussion on three key topics from youth perspective titled „Education, Migration and EU Integration as the main youth and society challenges“.

After the opening remarks by FES Tirana head of office, Stine Klapper, the event began with authors Alba Çela and Geron Kamberi presentating of Albanian Youth Study Results. The results were then elevated to a regional perspective with the presentation of regional comparative results from Youth Study 2018/2019. Both presentations focused on attitudes of young people aged 14 to 29 on education, migration and EU integration.

When comparing the national-level results to the regional one, the participants of the discussion were surprised to see that there are cross-cutting trends throughout Southeast Europe and that youth are faced with a lot of similar concerns.

The presentations were followed by three insightful panel discussions, titled “Migration as a phenomenon with a major social effect. Reasons and solutions!”, “Education reforms and the effects. Pros and cons of the reform in the education system” and “The European perspective of youth. Challenges for the future!”

FES Tirana office highlighted their commitment to address each of the chapter within the Youth Study in similar format, and with relevant experts and practitioners from the field.

If you wish to read more about the results, the Youth Study SEE is available online, as well as policy-papers on topics of employment, migration, political participation.

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