RYCO Grantees Training: Podgorica

Podgorica (Montenegro) was the meeting point for youth organizations in the Western Balkans region from 11th to 15th of September. This regional capacity building training was titled „Enhancing quality. Maximizing Impact“ and was supported by the OSCE Mission to Montenegro as well.

The overall objective was to support participants through experiential learning for them to reflect and adapt project activities and achieve maximum impact. The training also served to deepen the understanding of the Western Balkans context, especially from the viewpoints of young people.

The event correlated perfectly to the findings of the regional comparative report the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung conducted in 2018 and 2019. These main findings were presented to RYCO and their grantees, non-governmental youth organizations of the region, by Miran Lavrič, professor at the University of Maribor and coauthor of the report.

When talking about maximizing the impact and value of youth-related projects in the region, it is necessary, to begin with, fact-based decisions and ideas based on the actual needs and demands of young people. The findings of the FES study help precisely with that, not only in the case of NGOs but key stakeholders and decision-makers alike.

The FES continues to work with RYCO on communicating together with the crucial messages and concerns and helping the youth of both Western Balkans and the more comprehensive, Southeast European region, find their voice.

The regional report is available online, and follow RYCO and FES Dialogue SOE on social media to keep track of our activities.


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