Progressive Youth Academy: Athens

On 28th of November 2019 the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Athens, supported by the FES Dialogue SOE, organized an alumni meeting for the Progressive Youth Academy. Participants from seven renditions of the Academy seized the opportunity to reconnect and exchange their forward-thinking ideas, as an integral part of their political and skills training.

Apart from networking for a hundred young prospective individuals who had  participated over the course of two years, the gathering offered food-for-thought and by means of presenting and discussing the findings of the FES Youth Study Southeast Europe 2018/2019.

The key results were presented by Ms. Mirna Jusić focusing on employment, civic and political participation, education, world views and values of young people aged 14 to 29 in Southeast Europe. The presentation was conducted as a panel with two other guests, Ms. Dafina Peci and Mr. Sotiris Michos. Ms. Peci, as a representative of the Youth Congress of Albania focused on the problems of Albanian youth and the massive emigration of young people from the Western Balkans. Mr. Michos, a PYA alumnus, focused on the perspective of Greek youth and the importance of political participation of youth.

The ensuing discussion showcased that even though Greece was not encompassed in the research of 10 national reports on youth in the region, young people in Greece are facing similar problems as in the Western Balkans / wider Southeast European region. The alumni were curious about how data would support the perceptions of similar problems and prompted the idea of a similar research to be conducted in Greece.

Please find more information about the Youth Studies here.

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