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Democratic Left '18 - Writing Workshop Sarajevo

As part of the ongoing Activist Fora series and the continued work on the Democratic Left Platform, on September 15th and 16th, Dialogue SOE organized a small writing workshop in Sarajevo to consolidate activist leftist positions into the Democratic Left in Southeast Europe Platform.

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Civil Society Forum Trieste 2017

The Civil Society Forum series reached Trieste in 11-12 July 2017, at the same time as the EU Western Balkan Summit took place in the city. This marks a further step towards the promise of deeper civil society integration into the EU integration process of the ‘Western Balkan 6’.

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Challenge History Summer School Mostar

Dialogue SOE co-organized a summer school titled “Challenge History” together with the Swiss Helsinki Committee in Mostar in July. This is a continuation of youth seminars the Swiss Helsinki Committee (SHV) has been organizing in 2014 and 2015.

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The "New Left" Summer School Rijeka

As part of the ongoing Activist Fora and Democratic Left 18 (#DL18), Dialogue SOE in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) at the University of Rijeka and European Alternatives (EA) organized a week-long summer school from June 12th-17th.

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Centropa Summer Academy Budapest-Belgrade

From July 4-12, 2017, the “Center for Research and Documentation of Jewish Life in Eastern and Central Europe” (CENTROPA), organized its 11th Summer Academy, this year in Budapest and Belgrade.

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Civil Society Forum Tirana 2017

The Civil Society Forum in Tirana marked the continuation of a Western Balkans dialogue platform initiated in 2015. The event, which took place on 26-28 April brought together representatives of civil society, including youth, policy makers, and academia to further discuss implications of the Berlin Process and...

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Varna Forum 2.0: Thinking Together

The Varna Forum this year took place on May 13 and 14. Under the title “Thinking Together” the forum offered discussions on the development of a joint platform for the Black Sea Region (BSR), which would serve as an area of cooperation within an ever-changing regional and global landscape.

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Activist Forum Tirana: The Work on #DL18 Continues

The sixth in the series of activist fora took place in Tirana between April 24th and 26th, focusing on the further development of the Democratic Left 18 (#DL’18) platform, while also discussing the different tactics and strategies employed in various movements throughout Southeast Europe.

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FES Youth Studies: Policy Workshop Skopje

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office and the Regional Dialogue Southeast Europe organised a policy workshop to discuss and present the regional study “Youth in Southeast Europe: The Excluded Generation” to youth policy experts, representatives of national youth councils and academia, the idea being to harness...

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Dubrovnik Dialogue: Integration or Disintegration of Europe?

Organized for eighteen years in a row, the Dubrovnik Dialogue conference continues to serve as a major platform for discussions and debates for parliamentarians from Southeast Europe, Germany and Brussels. This year’s conference focused on current challenges in the European Union, analyzing a unique and first-time...

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