"The Democratic Left in Southeast Europe" Launched in Sarajevo

During November 16-18th, after almost two years in the making, the Democratic Left in Southeast Europe, a platform activists from all over Southeast Europe have been building together with FES Dialogue SOE, yielded a 'soft launch'.

To recollect, the Democratic Left is an open process, which gathers activists from civic mobilizations across Southeast Europe in order to create networks and agency beyond national/local contexts and to formulate actionable policy recommendations and positions, which have been consolidated into the #DL18 platform.

Over the course of two years, over a hundred activists engaged in the process creating a set of demands and positions ranging from questions of social housing, to environmental racism, over to leftist positions on corruption, deindustrialization and labor rights, democratization economic alternatives and many more. 

In Sarajevo, activists also seized the opportunity to challenge established actors on the political left. Amongt others, they engaged in an open debate with the Macedonian Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev. This exchange set a milestone, reconfirming the conviction that in a playing field of equals certain values and positions are the same and can indeed be agreed upon by both political activists and party representatives. This marks only the first of many encounters which #DL18 will open up towards the renewal of the Left.

Once again, our partners at European Alternatives contributed a Talk Real episode, which addressed the local context in Sarajevo and struggles taking place over the past few years. The episode will be made available here shortly. Following that, there will also be a video of the event, which will also be available soon.

Dialogue Southeast Europe

Kupreška 20, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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